obsessed with those that can fly~*



Pieces & collections are created with a whimsical sense of enduring beauty, one teeny bead at a time, with a needle thinner than a cat's whisker.

♥ Add a generous helping of beautiful nature ♥ more than a few shakes to live music ♥ daydreams galore ♥ sprinkle with twinkling eyes & friendly hugs ♥ to be worn with a smile & cherished for years

Celebrity Collectors include: Madonna, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Liv Tyler, Angelique Kidjo, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Love, Joan Osborne, Leroi Moore...

Karin lives, works & plays on the outskirts of Woodstock, New York.
Her home & studio look out onto the beauty that is the Catskill Mountains/ Hudson Valley, where inspiration visits her on the wings of butterflies, the crests of waves, the edge of night...
She studies art & nature and has been designing jewelry for over 20 years.


Karin  Alisa  Houben

Karin  Alisa  Houben

"Extraordinary and very very special! Thanks so much! It is simply a masterpiece of tiny beads and pearls. Talented artist! Top quality! Fabulous beads packed w/ care! Speedy delivery . Karin is exceptional and so is her jewelry." ~Jackie

"INCREDIBLE talent--will be purchasing much more in future--BEAUTIFUL work! Was totally delighted w/this purchase & delighted/fortunate to have found THIS artist!" ~Ivy

"I love all my purchases. I am now a fan of your creations .... Now I have a collection of Circus bracelet signed Karin. I'm so happy. INCREDIBLE talent - BEAUTIFUL work! Thanks Karin! xxxx" ~Joanne

"These are awesome!!! I can't wait to wear them with my wedding dress!!!"~Jai

wherein you shall find musings, rants, ravings, a peek or two behind the scenes, glimpses of inspiration & works in progress, history, mystery & the newest too...