shops that carry Karin Alisa Houben designs



cbl fine art

459 Pleasant Valley Way

West Orange, NJ 07052


Crafts People

262 Spillway Road

West Hurley, NY 12491


Emerson Resort & Spa

5340 Route 28

Mt. Tremper, NY 12457


Craft company no. 6

785 University Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607



wherein you shall find musings, rants, ravings, a peek or two behind the scenes, glimpses of inspiration & works in progress, history, mystery & the newest too...

"BEAUTIFUL !! STUNNING ~ wonderful necklace from a lovely person. Super fast shipping, great display box - what a treat!!" ~Leisa

"Another great design for your portfolio of art! I loved the colors and what a great look! I love to look at and wear your work. Thanks so much!" ~Laju

"These are really beautiful. They feel like real jewels. Opulent."~Siggy

"This piece is an absolute treasure! We adore the creativity and craft-skill that went into creating this necklace, and it was definately worth the wait and every penny. Thank you, Karin, so much, for everything. We absolutely love it!" ~Raven

"True to photo. Even more beautiful in person." ~Kat